Alan specialises in RFID systems and process-automation technologies such as self-serve loans & returns and materials sorting. Alan has thirty years experience within the library sector including roles as Technical Manager for 3M Australia and Raeco International where he managed product development laboratories tasked with generating innovative solutions for the global library market.

Alan chaired a working group within Standards Australia responsible for developing a proposal for an RFID-tag data model for Australian libraries and is Standards Australia’s National Expert in library RFID. He is also a member of the international ISO “Data Model for use of RFID in Libraries” standards group and is co-author of ISO 28560-2 & ISO 2856-4. He is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, the Australian Library and Information Association, and has served on  the committee of VALA.

 Alan has a Masters Degree in Digital Communications from Monash University.

Alan Butters
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